Fishing Tips for the Absolute Beginner

Fishing is a great way to relax, it’s quiet and it can be just you and the water.  There is more to fishing than just throwing a line in the water, there is some skill involved.  If you have never gone fishing before and you want that experience then here are some fishing tips for the absolute beginner.  Start here and you’ll be a serious angler in no time at all.

Fishing Tips for the Absolute Beginner

Get the Right Gear

Before you head off in a boat or wade into the water you need to make sure you have the right gear.  The fishing line that you need for deep sea fishing is not what you need to go fly fishing.  Make sure that your fishing knots are strong and well tied so they don’t break.  When you cast you want your bait to look as natural as possible.

Get Your Lures Right

The lure is everything in fishing, this is what you use to attract the fish you are after.  You need to make sure that it looks natural and is swimming through the water just as a fish would.  This is where you need some skill with your rod and reel, you pull and reel in any slack line to move the lure.  You don’t just cast out and hope for the best, you have to trick your fish into biting.

Get the Depth Right

Fish hang out at different depths of water, some prefer the colder water found in deeper waters while others look for food closer to the surface.  Do you know what your type of fish prefers, well you should.  The depth will also affect the type of bait that you use.  Bear in mind too that the weather outside can also affect where the fish are on that particular day.  If you are new to fishing then the first couple of times out you might want to go with a guide or a more experience fisherman to help you learn.

Move Around

If you have been sitting for hours in one spot and have gone through all your bait and lures then it is time to try somewhere different.  Fish swim around a great deal and they don’t always stay in the same spot.  If you aren’t having any luck then it is time to try somewhere else.  Before you do that though make sure that you have covered all the water around you, did you cast from all sides of the boat?  Fish can hide anywhere so don’t be afraid to move.

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